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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Eternal Battle Part II: Pirates vs Ninjas

Yesterday we were exploring the first important determinant of dominance between pirates and ninjas - combat ability. I was learning more towards pirates on that one, but will refrain from blanket statements as there are too many variables. Today I thought we'd have a look at the second most important consideration to be made: style.

Ninjas certainly seem to have the edge on this one. They're sleek, graceful, and dark. Although they are the archetype for the ultimate Emo fighter, they still have an undeniable appeal. What looks cooler than a ninja flipping around, scaling walls, blending into the shadows, and then taking out a target? Few things. There's also the ninja's signature weapon of choice: the sword. Ninjas used small, cheap blades, often confused with their cousin, the katana (used by warriors and samurai), which were meant primarily for stabbing as opposed to slicing. Most importantly, they're cool-looking. Ninjas also employed an arsenal of other sweet and deadly weapons, including the tanto, shuriken, kama, and bow and arrow. I should also note that there were female ninjas, as well. Yay equal opportunities for killing!

Annnnd pirates. Let's see...smelly, dirty, probably STD-ridden scoundrels.
Honestly, the puffy shirts don't really do them justice. However, the bandanas and leather vests/boots/belts I can get on board with. Yarr! The big wooden pistols are kinda fun, as well. Then there are the pirate's swords of choice: the cutlass and scimitar. As opposed to the ninja's stabby blades, these swords were meant for slashing, making for some excellent swashbuckling! And of course pirates had an excellent selection of other weapons to use, as well. What pirates lack in grace, they make up for in, uh...ruthlessness? I must also admit, while ninjas can cover up an ugly mug with a mask, pirates just bear it for all the world to see. Does self-confidence count for style?

Hard choice to make, but I think ninjas may have more "style." But then, those who align themselves with pirates don't really care about petty things like image, now do they? Yarr!

'Til next time.


Ben said...

Yarr! Pirates I say. Ninjas are just emo kids from feudal Japan. Pirates are the guys that stick emo kids in lockers.

Nate said...

Its really quite simple.

Cannonball to the face.

Pirates win.

Ninjas are not totally flippin sweet.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ben in the fact that it is quite simple..but not in favor of pirates. Anyone how has played Ninja Gaiden knows that a ninja can destroy two tanks and a helicopter all one after another in the same boss battle without even breaking a sweat.

Ninja's FTW

Anonymous said...

anyone who^

Ben said...

Emmanuel knows that I will destroy him. I am a pirate. Ipso facto- I alone am king.