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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Achk, Mine Ears!

I've pointed out some games in the past with voice acting that bothered me, but this takes the cake. I just...I just couldn't stop watching. It's like a train wreck.

Also, IF ONLY.


Ben said...

I don't think anyone reads this blog but me. And this post is super nerd. Nerd.

Blue Shoe said...

True on both accounts. Way to make me feel good about myself!

Ben said...

Hey you got it. Shows you have no friends, and that I have no life or friends! Win Win

Jeff said...

My GOD that was horrible! Was...was that for real? That couldn't have been for real. Tell me they didn't actually allow that voice acting to make it to store shelves.

Blue Shoe said...

Jeff! I wish I wish I could say it isn't for real. I really do...[sniffle]

Anonymous said...

Nicole: "You make me laugh.Uru. But you have to wait your turn. Be a good boy and wait."

Clearly this is a turn based RPG of epic proportions. When it comes to debating on whether to rent or buy this game, there's no need to think about it because there are few games in life that hold such a high level of badness. Every RPG gamer should have this on their top shelf on a stand, for games like this last a life time.

I'd like to leave you with this closing IGN review of the sound by Sam Bishop.

"The English voices are horrendous, but thankfully you can flick them off and enjoy the rest of the chipper music and original Japanese audio."


Anonymous said...

My laptop has no sound capability. I feel so left out. It's like...high school.

Ben said...

Now there are people coming out of the woodwork. I fail.