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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pirate Addendum

For those of you who enjoy pirates or pirating, here's a movie that I can recommend. It's not well-known, but it has Tommy Lee Jones and some bad-ass crew members. One guy has a pegleg, and it's made of bones.



Anonymous said...

User rating 5.9/10...It'd be in your best interest not to go around recommending bad movies but I can't imagine the movie Kung Pow getting anything higher than a 1/10
despite the fact that we all know that movie rocked. So I'll consider watching your less than mediocre movie but I have one question, What's in it for me?


Blue Shoe said...

I said "for those of you who enjoy pirates." You ninja-junkies wouldn't understand.

Anonymous said...

Watch it Emmanuel. That's MY movie and I made P & J watch it over Easter. Next time you come over, I'm gonna make YOU watch it, too.

Ben said...

I give your rating a 1. Saying a movie gets a 1/10 while at the same time claiming it rocks makes you fail. Thor shall now rain down upon you with many hammers.