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Monday, June 2, 2008

Movie Review: Night at the Museum

*Spolier Alert - If you haven't seen Night at the Museum or A Charlie Brown Christmas, you may not want to read further*

Ok, I recognize the fact that when I watch a movie, I often tend to have trouble suspending my disbelief. Unfortunately, I'm the kind of guy who watches the Peanuts Christmas special and notices that Charlie Brown's crappy, twiggy Christmas tree seems to grow a full body of pine needles once everyone decides that "it's not such a bad little tree" after all. But I mean, what the hell? Pine needles don't just grow out of thin air, do they?



Can you believe that it's the same tree? I can't. I think Schultz is trying to hand feed us some poop-on-a-stick here.

But I digress. I just finished watching Night at the Museum, starring Ben Stiller, and it's one of those movies. Yeah, it's cute for kids and it has moments that adults can laugh at, too. But in general it's just too silly and unbelievable. So New York's Museum of Natural History isn't doing too well, huh? Fine, I guess I could accept that. But it guards ancient artifacts and exhibits with one nightwatchman and a few locks? No lasers, no alarms, no vaults? Come on - the old guys supposedly just strolled right into the Pharaoh's tomb and stole his gold tablet. Dick Van Dyke may be awesome, but he's not that awesome. And those old foggies were energized enough by the tablet to kick Ben Stiller's ass in front of his son, but they couldn't handle a bunch of wax figures (and surprisingly when Stiller confronts Van Dyke in the park, that geezer strength is nowhere to be found). I could further pick the movie apart, but I see no need. As much as Andrew may enjoy the spectacle, there is no point in beating a dead horse here.

I give Night at the Museum a B-. Watch it if you're trying to entertain some kids or if you don't overanalyze movies as I do.


Ben said...

Did it seriously bother you that the tree gained foliage in the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Seriously? You are a sad little man.