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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Clearing Up Some Misconceptions

It's really interesting, when you keep an eye on the news, how many misconceptions various people hold, and how they develop. I'd like to take a few moments today to point out some things going on in the world that are deserving of a little discourse and brief thought.

#1. There are some people who believe that President Bush is just an honest guy trying to protect his country. Then there are those who think he's a dumb, inept, war-mongering hay-seed. Well, a short time ago Admiral William Fallon (a Villanova graduate), former commander of operations in the Middle East, retired due to ideas and opinions conflicting with the administration. Many trumpeted him as a brave dissenter, standing up against our president's tyranny. I'm sure he is a courageous and honorable man, but it appears he should not be lauded by those who wish to prop him up as an opponent to the administration. In a recent interview, he cleared up some misunderstandings about his actions, and surprisingly (for some) he stuck up for the president, saying "I don't believe for a second President Bush wants a war with Iran." Poor Fallon - doesn't he realize that loyalty and honesty aren't in style?

#2. Former President Bill Clinton - hate him or love him - there really is no in-between. Of course Bill is well-known for his worst (and apparently most endearing) vice, lust. Well move over lust - here comes anger! Now I could really care less about the reports of his changing personality or depression, but it's quite interesting for such a prominent politician whose name isn't Cheney to whip out a word like "scumbag" in a public interview. Oh, but don't worry, his publicists said he's sorry.

#3. Remember how the Muslim community expresses outrage anytime its religion is criticized, publicized, or villainized? Well, it's Japan's turn to watch out for suicide bombs...oops, I mean apologize. I think in order to play it safe, all evil-doers should either have no religion or have a made-up religion. That way no one will be offended. Well, except maybe atheists. Seriously, it's okay to stereotype Jewish people as cheap or Catholic priests as child molesters, but heaven forbid someone make fun of Islam. How about some equal treatment here?

#4. The last misconception of the day is that American beef is okay for eating. I mean, when you look at the policies of South Asian countries, you can see that clearly all our beef is infected with mad cow disease. It's a wonder those of us who like hamburgers are still alive! Something quite peculiar is that the UK has had over 183,000 reported cases of mad cow, and we've only had three. How often do you hear about contaminated and risky English beef? I guess our beef is more, uh...public?

That's all for now. 'Til later.


Ben said...

Such anger! Welcome to the darkside. Hate feels good, and I shall swim in it until I die. But yeah never offend anyone, make sure you "foster understanding." Which is another way of asking people to remove your spine. I think I must have had mad cow disease three times by now. Way to be concerned about important issues Japan!

Ben said...

Has anyone gotten sick from U.S. Beef? And is that why people are rioting in South Korea? Over an imaginary threat? Is there nothing better to do? Makes me want to go kill a cat. Or at least kick a baby in the head.

Blue Shoe said...

Maybe those countries should be more concerned with stuff like not being able to sustain their populations or being next to nations with crazy dictators.

Ben said...

But beef comes from America. America is the root of all evil. Destroy beef, and destroy America?