Last updated 6/18/09

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Whoa Whoa Whoa

Is this the kind of politics we're going to see throughout the next four years? Corruption masked by incompetence? 

This guy, Geithner, is going to be confirmed soon as our U.S. Treasury secretary.  It has come to light that he didn't pay his taxes for several years. WHAT? How is this excusable for any public official (or any individual), noless someone being considered for such a responsibility-intensive position? He forgot, he claims. TurboTax messed him up. This guy is either very stupid (which I doubt) or a corrupticrat who has been caught. Unfortunately, our country is at a point where it doesn't even matter if you get caught. If you're playing for the right team or if your constituents don't read the news, you're golden. 

He will be confirmed, and I only pray that he doesn't further screw up the economy. He doesn't deserve this position, but given that he's going to get it, I suppose America deserves him.