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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

...Can you see?

Looking at articles like this, I hope it's evident why I'm so skeptical of Obama's new administration. Yes yes, I'll give him a chance...but just as it is premature to judge him inept, evil, or misguided, isn't it a little early to be making him out to be a hero? He hasn't done anything yet except win an election. So why don't we all just chill? He's not a failure or a savior (yet, anyway). Why can't we judge the tree by its fruit instead of calling an unidentifiable sprout a great oak?


Jeff said...

Actually, after reading the article, I see she's not making him (Obama) out to be a hero at all, but rather that he needs to step up and rescue a nation in distress. Or we'll all end up in the Hudson River, apparently.

I agree that the title is misleading, though. It should have read "How Barack Obama needs to be like Capt. C.B. Sullenberger of Flight 1549," not "How Barack Obama is like Capt. C.B. Sullenberger of Flight 1549." Or eliminate the line altogether, because it, well...kinda sucks.

The metaphor is a poor one, anyway. It reminds me of all those hardcore gamers that try to draw parallels between their favorite games, and the Bible or The Iliad or something. People, if given enough time, can find parallels between ANYTHING.

Blue Shoe said...

This is true. And to be fair, you're right - the author wasn't really gushing over Mr. Obama...but I did find the whole comparison kind of...well, as you said, sucky.