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Thursday, October 16, 2008

DK follow-up

Man, I haven't thought about that game in a long time.  I'd just like to follow up Gobbler's post with a thought of my own.

When I consider my favorite games of all time or my favorite game music of all time, I can't honestly say any DK titles make it onto my list.  However, they were fun and well-made games.  I think I've been blocking them out ever since Diddy Kong Racing came into being, although my sister and I did have some good times on the level where you have to fly around and collect eggs. It sounds lame, I know, but you're flying around a volcano and you can either knock eggs away from other players or just steal them from their nest.

But anyway, while I delight in fails (especially epic fails) as much as the next guy, there is an epic WIN in DK Country that I am itching to point out.  DK Country provides the player with the unique, though limited chance, to control a gorilla riding a rhino.  While playing this monstrosity, you are invincible (to my knowledge) and can completely destroy any foes that stand in your path; as it should be.  I mean, what can beat a gorilla on top of a damn rhino?  I think if I saw that in real life I would soil myself.  

I have provided a picture to illustrate my point: