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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Japan and Foreigners

This article provides an interesting look at the Japanese government's take on foreign labor, and how short-sighted its priorities are. Mind you, this has nothing to do with my personal experience here, but I find it quite relevant to the future of Japan and the global community. Countries like the US, Japan, and the EU member states really need to get their acts together and start looking at long-term policies that will foster growth and stability in their respective economies in the decades to come. The way things are going now - policy-wise, demographics-wise, ideology-wise - many countries are heading for colossal problems that are easily foreseeable. 

In Japan's case, eventually its going to be forced to dillute its largely homogeneous culture with immigrants. Why? Because Japanese people aren't having babies. When you can't sustain your population, you either import people or your economy suffocates and then your country collapses.


Read this one, as well. Thanks for the link, Ben.


Gobbler said...

First article is pretty good. But Japanese politics is like the pre-emminent good ol' boys club. Would like to see change, but I wont hold my breath (too long anyway)