Last updated 6/18/09

Monday, February 16, 2009

Status Update

Jeff expressed his concern to me recently because I haven't updated for a while. Rest-assured, everything is fine with me; it's just that I struggle every once in a while to maintain motivation for this blog (and for my vlog, as well). My low readership/viewership sometimes make me think I have better uses for my time.

I will resume again soon, though. And Jeff, thank you for being a loyal reader and friend.


Jeff said...

Psh, friend nothing. I'm just kissing up to you so you'll introduce me to some cute Japanese girls.


Blue Shoe said...

Either way, good move.

Gobbler said...

Hey I just wrote a craptastic paper.

Gobbler said...

Cause my comment is relevant!

Blue Shoe said...

Heh...can I read it?