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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Japanese kids are comedic geniuses

Whether they know it or not, they are.  This most recent "make your own skit" activity was framed around a telephone conversation theme. There were many amusing ones, but too many for me to record without being adequately lazy. So here are a few, with very minor spelling/grammatical editing:

A: Hi, this is Nakanishi. Can I talk to Tashiro, please?
B: No. This is Haru. Nakanishi, nice to meet you.
A: Haru? Who are you?
B: I'm Haru. Are you free.
A: Oh, yes. Why?
B: Because. It was love at first sight.
A: You didn't see me.
B: I saw you by sixth sense.
A: Oh, by sixth sense.

A: Hello?
B: Hi, this is Risa. Can I speak to Mitsuki, please?
A: Speaking.
B: Would you like to buy something to drink?
A: No. Would you like to buy something to drink?
B: ...Ok.

--3 (Entitled "One Day...")
A: Hello?
B: Hi, this is Margret. Can I speak to Bob, please?
A: I'm sorry, he can't come to the phone right now. Because Bob is working in the park.
B: Really?
A: Yes, yes, yes.
B: I see.
A: Bye.
B: Liar!

A: Hi, this is Jona. May I speak to Cully?
B: Speaking. What's up?
A: To tell the truth, I love you.
B: Oh, my God. I love you, too.
A: But. My heart is stronger than your heart.
B: No!! My heart's stronger.
A: No!!
B: No!!
A: Sorry. I lose...
B: Thank you.
A: I love you... I love you...
B: I love you too...
A: Good bye.
B: See ya.

A: Hello? This is Cow.
B: Hi, this is Pony.
A: Would you like to buy some milk?
B: No, thanks. I have milk. Goodbye.

A: Hello?
B: Hi, this is your son.
A: What?
B: This is your son!
A: Oh! John?
B: Yes! This is John!!
A: I have no son. Goodbye.

A: Hello?
B: Hi, I am your son.
A: Is your name Taro?
B: Yes. Yes! I am Taro! Now I don't have a job. I lost my job.
A: Please give me money?
B: Um...sure. How much?
A: About a million yen. Ok?
B: Sure. I'll give you money.
A: Thank you. I respect you.
B: You're welcome.

--My Thoughts--

I know they were just using phrases we taught them, but the usage in some of these cases is great. Take #4: a passionate conversation about the depths of their love, ended with "see ya."
Although there is something slightly sinister about #3 (obviously Margaret knows something that leads her to believe Bob is not at the park after all) and I also enjoy a good skit about a mother either disowning her son or earning his respect by giving him money, I think my favorite is #2. I like how Mitsuki turns the sales deal around on Risa (why is she selling a drink over the phone in the first place?).

Anyway, this is my reward for a lesson well-taught.


Gobbler said...

haha. I sell drinks over the phone all the time.

Blue Shoe said...

When you're sober?