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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The state of our fate

Apologies for the minority of Japan-related posts.  In truth I've been kind of lazy and irresponsible as far as taking pictures.  I just often have this fear of looking like a tourist.  I also seem to have lost my USB-camera cord, so I'll need to get a new one.  

Anyway, here is something I read today that kind of alarmed me, and I wanted to share it.  While I sometimes hesitate to criticize France because of my sister's affinity for it, I often cannot contain my disdain for certain aspects of its culture and people.  I think it's mutual - French folk are not known for their love of Americans - a fact I hope my sister doesn't have to learn when she travels there for the spring semester.

I'm usually fairly protective of our US government, because it is ours.  These days, however, there are few excuses for many of the blunders that are being made, and I am increasingly forced to don the veil of the skeptic.  And the state of our nation is the result of nonpartisan, or perhaps I should say bipartisan, failings.  

We are becoming France, but worse in many regards.  I do not think this course is irreversible, but it is certainly alarming.  And it really is more extensive than this article suggests.  The growing power of American secularists and their assertions that religion has no place in government are frighteningly evocative of European values, especially French.  

Certainly every country has some value to the world, and France is, of course, no different...its history is not entirely disgraceful (at least no more so than many other countries) and its people have made many contributions to the world, particularly in the fields of art and science.  One France is enough for me, though.  God save the USA.


Gobbler said...

She will learn! The hate is uncontrollable. That is all I will say. Oh and countries rise and fall...nothing lasts forever.

Blue Shoe said...

Yeah, never said the USA would last forever...but we're still relatively young.