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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Special Presentation

Took me long enough to get to, I know, but here's footage from my first night here. Brought to you by Creap, which I discovered is not coffee as I thought, but actually instant cream. Mmmm...?


Anonymous said...

Complain to your landlord about the broken door & ask for a repair so that you are not accused of braking it & charged for it. Not a bad little place!

Jeff said...

I envy your ability to pick up and move across the world, and not let it break your spirit. You're awesome and a hero to your people.

Also, your video was boring. Next time, more ninjas and half-naked Japanese girls, like all the travel brochures show.

Blue Shoe said...

I kind of semi-repaired the door with glue. And I'm not going to complain to the landlord - it's this really old, kind of unhealthy couple that I rarely see, and I think I would have to struggle to communicate with them.

And thanks, Jeff. I will send you my OTHER moving in video. Now, that was a crazy adventure, filled with many a ninja and scantily-clad Japanese woman.

Anonymous said...

Finders/keepers on that keyboard, sell it on the black market there, I'm sure it'll fetch a pretty penny.