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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Please check out my new blog:



Jeff said...

Does this mean this blog is going to be discontinued, or will it still be used for politics and religion?

Blue Shoe said...

I'll probably post something every now and again, but I probably won't put a great deal of effort into this blog.

Jeff said...

Hey Paul, just a heads up. My browser (IE) doesn't seem to like your new site. That photo on the main page is half cut off, and when I tried to post a comment on your latest entry (in regards to the non-alcoholic beer), it sent me to a "Preview reply" screen, which I was unable to scroll down to click "post" or what have you.

If any of your other subscribers use Internet Explorer, they may be encountering the same problems.

Jeff said...

Oh, and so it doesn't go to waste, my reply to the aforementioned non-alcoholic beer post:

"Yay, I learned where the comment button was. Go me!

To answer your "Why bother" question -- perhaps because, in the US alone, there were 11,773 alcohol-related drunk-driving deaths in 2008, and so far this year, we're a couple boozehounds shy of 7,000. I was hoping to find statistics relevant to Japan, but, no luck. Perhaps if you checked some Japanese sites, you'd get the figures.

Does this mean that EVERYONE who drinks is going to be irresponsible, and mow down a few kids on his/her way home from the bar? Nah. But if you told me roughly 12,000 lives are year could be spared, I say, hooray for the non-alchoholic beer."

Blue Shoe said...

Your point about drunk-driving is well-taken, but I meant that for many people I know, drinking beer is more about alcoholic content than flavor. If I'm not going to be "drinking," I'd personally prefer a Coca Cola than something that tastes like beer.