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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No more game consoles, proposes OnLive

Via BBC.
Quite interesting, although I'm not quite sure how this would work. Obviously if you're going to play games online through your TV, you're going to need some kind of interface hardware - controls and somewhere to connect to the internet. It seems to be working, but I wonder if having hundreds of thousands or millions of players online at the same time would complicate things.
And then there are those, like myself, who still like off-line games. True, at home in the States our Wii and XBox 360 are hooked up to the internet, but we rarely use it, as we don't want to pay extra for online content.
Still, an intestesting development.


Gobbler said...

I don't think I like this Idea. Maybe I'm a luddite (not sure if that's spelled right) but I'm not sure all new things are so great. This just doesn't sound fun. No commitment involved, no fanboy wars. What will we do?

Blue Shoe said...

Tim at Ctrl+Alt+Del made a good post on his thoughts that I think is pretty indicative of the situation.

If OnLive does survive, it won't change the industry the way people may believe.