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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Gobbler

Blue Shoe in his previous post mentioned that there would be a new poster. That new poster is me. The Gobbler. Before you all ask, no that is not my real name and no it does not have any significance. I just think its a silly word. Like pumpkin, and sasaffras (is that how you spell that?). I will probably make many grammatical and punctuation mistakes unlike my fellow poster. I enjoy making these mistakes, so don't bother correcting me or I will come to your house and punch a kitten (or puppy depending on your preference) in front of you. Don't think I wont.

I will be discussing on here topics that I find interesting. Sometimes they will be overlap with those of The Shoe, and other times they wont. I am in America though so don't expect lots of funny pictures of Japanese Shenanigans. Though American shenanigans are fair game. I also enjoy candle-light dinners and walks on the beach.


Gobbler said...

You people better start reading this blog.

Gobbler said...

I will try and be less hostile.

Blue Shoe said...

Haha...liking it. =)
There haven't been updates in a while - going to have to tell people that the silliness has resumed.